A Message from Hilde Gross —
Family Coach & Core Dynamics Master Coach (CDMC)

I have a love of helping people, especially children. While studying psychology and positive discipline for many years, I developed a desire to pass on my knowledge and personal growth experience to others to make a difference in the community.

My goal is to teach skills that create self-confident, responsible, respectful, cooperative, drug- and violence free children. My mission is to impact entire communities in such a way that children will experience this sense of empowerment at home, school, friends' homes, and anywhere else their lives lead them.

The Redirecting Children's Behavior (RCB) and/or the Core Dynamics Master Coach (CDMC) program is offering us the tools we need to develop the closeness with our children and families that we want so very much. I believe that every person is born whole, perfect, and connected to everyone and everything. Through experiences as children, with parents, siblings, and others, we are socialized and wounded in ways that cause us to lose our awareness of the connections with others. The RCB and/or CDMC program offers us the means to reconnect. It provides the framework and process for parenting so that we learn to relate with children in a way that supports their development, creating adults who feel whole and free and able to experience closeness and intimacy with others.

About 5 years ago I discovered another life changing program called The Core Dynamics of Human Conditionings (CDMC) based on a book by Tom Stone "The Power of How" which has impacted my life and others so dramatically that I coudn't resist adding it to my RCB Program. The CDMC program has the potential to enrich your life in some amazing ways, many of which you may have never even considered. CDMC technology helps us to find the underlying causes of problems in human life and help us to remove the barriers to living the life we truly want to live. Problems with parenting, health, relationships, career, sense of purpose, fulfilling our desires, etc., all have their basis in inner conflict. Easy to learn techniques will liberate you and/or your children from fear, anger, guilt, regret, resentment, depression, anxiety, worries and other emotional suffering in a fast and effective way. So you can experience more joy, fulfillment, success and happiness in your life than ever before.

My suggestions in the RCB and CDMC program are based on 13 years of personal experience (CDMC 5 years) with children, parents, and other adults including teachers, counselors, pediatricians, etc. I provide 5-week evening and weekend seminars, in-home family coaching and coaching over the phone internationally. I have presented "Lunch & Learn" programs nationwide at companies such as SDG&E, QUALCOMM, THE SCRIPPS RESEARCH INSTITUT and others. The RCB program is endorsed and recommended by pediatricians and mental health professionals nationwide.


• Family Coach & Redirecting Children's Behavior (RCB) Instructor
  (Certified by the International Network for Children and Families, Florida, 2002)
• Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom (RCC) Instructor
  (Certified by the International Network for Children and Families, Florida, 2003)
• Mediator (The Art of Win-Win Negotiation)
  (Certified by the University of California, Los Angeles, 2003)
• Understanding Yourself and Others
  (Certified by Global Relationship Centers, Florida, 2003)
• Core Dynamics Master Coach of Human Conditionings (CDMC)
  (Certified by Great Life Technologies, Inc., Carlsbad, 2010)
• Volunteer for The Health & Human Services Agency
   Foster Youth Mentor Program

• Volunteer for the Woman & Children's Rescue Mission, San Diego
  (Teaching the RCB Parenting Program to Homeless Women, 2003)

• Medical Council Diploma, Germany
, 1985
   Extensive Studies in Psychology & Child Development


Telephone: 619-379-7646
Email: Hilde@HildeRCB.com

"A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account was,
the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may
be a little different because I was important in the life of a child."