Seminars & Telephone Coaching:
Calm, Confident Strategies for Everyone

Seminars for parents...
Children create a tremendous challenge for adults. Effective strategies for today's adult/child relationships can make parenting a lot more fun. More than communication training the Redirecting Children's Behavior (RCB) course contains over 100 parenting methods for improving behavior while enhancing your child's self-esteem... More

Seminars for teachers...
Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom (RCC) is a dynamic course with the goal of teacher and student empowerment. It supports teachers in creating a classroom atmosphere which promotes high self-esteem. Attempting to simply control students' behavior is not effective. It is through teaching students how to make decisions, cooperate and be responsible that they will learn and grow. The RCC course and materials are contagious, fun and effective, and will assist both teachers and students in the classroom... More

Seminars for children...   
Children who participate in the RCB "Kids Club Program" acquire a kid's-eye view of Redirecting Children's Behavior, smoothing the way toward peaceful, cooperative, and respectful families and friendships.

This program is for children 6–10 years old. In a fun and interactive way, kids learn and practice skills through role-playing, skits, games and art projects. During the last thirty minutes of each class parents are invited to participate and/or watch the children demonstrate what they learned.

Children will have fun learning to:                 
- Be a team player in the family
- Reduce fighting, arguing, and hitting
- Be more responsible and cooperative
- Learn self-control
- Get along better with friends and siblings
- Build their own self-esteem
- Learn respectful communication skill

COST: $195 (4-week or 4-day seminars, incl. supplies)
              (Accept Credit Cards; Payment Plans Available)
              Service also provided in your home!

Telephone Coaching
Telephone Coaching provides confidential, non-threatening personal support without you ever having to leave your home or office. There is no need to adjust your schedule, pay a babysitter, or travel. We will call you by prearranged appointment whenever it is most convenient. Phone coaching will give you specific and effective strategies that can be introduced and implemented immediately.

No Obligation Consultation
We begin with a five-minute telephone interview at no cost to you. Getting to know your parenting educator and exchaning information on your issues will familiarize you with our methods.

 "Thank you, Hilde, for helping me reduce stress and get negative thinking out of my way. Not only have our phone coaching sessions reinforced what I had previously learned in Redirecting Children’s’ Behavior, but I have also experienced my own personal growth and awakening through what Hilde calls Human Software Engineering.  Through the use of her techniques, you really can reprogram your mind, soul and body for a more successful and fulfilling life, all over the phone.  And as these old behaviors and belief systems change, so does your relationship with your family, friends, kids and even yourself, for the better."                                               - Adrienne Prager, Attorney -

COST: $95 (50 min.) or $65 (30 min.)

Call Hilde: 619-379-7646