Anxiety Relief
without Drugs or Therapy

" will be amazed and delighted at how rapid and
simple these transformational tools are to practice."
-Dr. George J. Pratt, Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla, CA

  Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, fearful, guilty, angry,
depressed, or unsuccessful - Or, have you experienced
some trauma and want to learn how to resolve those feelings?

 Finally, there is an easy, fast and permanent
  solution to resolve your emotional challenges!

Sound impossible? It isn't!

Hilde Gross, Family Coach & Core Dynamics Master Coach provides:

- New insights into the nature of anxiety
- An understanding why drugs and therapy don't often provide lasting results

- Simples techniques that allow you to quickly understand and eliminate the
  true sources of your distress and gain true mastery of your emotions, so you
  can begin to enjoy a balanced and peaceful life on your own terms, right away.

"When I think about therapy, my mind congers up reliving the past to
understand the present and going through many sessions over months with
not much resolved in that time frame. This is the opposite of what I found with
Hilde in just 1 session. It was transformative. I felt internal peace and joy for the
first time in years. It was glorious to feel some relief of my burdens. I was
completely unaware that this was possible for me. Thank you Hilde!
-Dr. Sherry Brown, San Diego, CA

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Understanding and resolving The Core Dynamics of Human Conditionings (CDMC) has the potential to enrich your life in some amazing ways, many of which you may have never even considered. The CDMC technology helps us to find the underlying causes of problems in human life and help us to remove the barriers to living the life we truly want to live. Problems with health, relationships, money, career, sense of purpose, fulfilling our desires, sales, business, parenting, etc. all have their basis in inner conflict. Easy to learn techniques will liberate you from fear, anger, guilt, regret, resentment, depression, anxiety, worry, nervousness, and suffering. The techniques are so fast and effective, thorough and permanent, that people have been calling it "Miraces in Minutes". So you can begin to experience more joy, fullfillment, success and happiness in your life than ever before.

Many personal development programs will tell you what action to take in order to have the life you want. But when people attempt to do these things they usually fall back into their previous conditioned way of functioning, often without even realizing that this is happening. What's missing is how to actually remove the influences that cause you to slip back into your ineffective conditioned ways of being. How to remove these insidious influences is exactly what you will learn.  
For testimonials or more information about The Core Dynamics of Human Conditioning (CDMC), THE ACE STUDY,
or Tom Stone, CEO and Founder of the program, please scroll down.


Hilde, I wanted to thank you for all the assistance you have given me lately. Before we met I was really living in fear. After just a few sessions, and really after ONE session, the sun is shining again! The system you use is effective and quick; no more sitting around a therapist's office complaining session after session without positive results. I have much more calm, focus, and a general sense of wellbeing regarding the same tough challenges. The challenges haven't changed - its my reactions that have. You've been very beneficial to my life and truly appreciate you. Thank you!

-Patrick H.
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Dear Hilde. I am so thankful for my “Miracles in Minutes” experience. I was amazed at how it worked for me. I had no idea what to expect and I did not foresee peace in the near-future regarding our young son’s situation. I was overcome with confusion, anxiety, and uncertainty of what to do. Amazingly after our 1 hour meeting I truly felt peace in my mind, and the feeling has been persistent. I want to share my experience with others, so no one has to live with worry and anxiety over situations in life. It helped me look/feel within myself and there was peace. My husband is very grateful also.            -- Tracy Ayleswarth --

Dearest Hilde, I would like to thank you and compliment you on helping me get over my extreme feelings of anxiety, guilt and general sadness in just a few sessions....   With your very specific techniques - which I found really doable both with your coaching and afterwards on my own, helped me overcome some very real issues which were preventing  me from any enjoyment of my I am in my seventies it was important to have some quality of life because, if not now, when???..,.,    I waited a few days after our last session to see if my feeling of wellbeing persisted, and it has, and I remain extremely grateful to you for your gifts of coaching me back to my joy in living in comfort and peace of mind...
Thank you.   With best wishes.              -- Barbara Malk


August 16, 2016
"When I think about therapy, my mind congers up reliving the past to understand the present and going through many sessions over months with not much resolved in that time frame. This is the opposite of what I found with Hilde in just 1 session. Our first session together was transformative; we discussed my emotions and worked a bit on my internal negative energy. The very next day, I did not crave alcohol (I have been drinking daily for 4+ years) and I felt internal joy for the first time in years. I was even catching myself dancing around my house! It was glorious to feel some relief of my burdens. I was completely unaware that this was possible for me. I would recommend Hilde to anyone, especially the non-believers in internal energy. I have had quick results and it has made an enormous impact on my mental state and quality of life in a short period of time. Thank you Hilde!    
  -- Dr. Sherry Brown --

"Thank you, Hilde, for helping me reduce stress and get negative thinking out of my way. Not only have our phone coaching sessions reinforced what I had previously learned in Redirecting Children’s’ Behavior, but I have also experienced my own personal growth and awakening through what Hilde calls The Core Dynamics of Human Conditionings.  Through the use of her techniques, you really can reprogram your mind, soul and body for a more successful and fulfilling life, all over the phone.  And as these old behaviors and belief systems change, so does your relationship with your family, friends, kids and even yourself, for the better." 
                                                              -- Adrienne Prager, Attorney

Hilde, I wanted you to know what a relief I encountered by your session last evening. I was holding anger from a slip & fall accident, which resulted in physical pain for 3+ years. I was amazed to actually feel the discomfort shift from my knee, within a few short minutes, then completely melt away. It was easily accomplished while following your calm & peaceful voice, words and guidance. Your approach was very clear and concise, yet there was a hint of mystery about the whole process, which later became the reward. It truly was an "experience" that I look forward to having again & sharing with others. I am happy to report my chronic pain and anger have subsided significantly.  Thank you for sharing your gentle techniques - which guided me closer to the inner peace I was seeking!
Biggest Hugs ever,

                                                              -- Lynnie Manko

"Hilde Gross is an amazing instructor, and makes her courses extremely fun! In the Vaporize Your Anxiety course, we were all provided with amazing techniques that were extremely valuable and highly enlightening for eliminating past fears, doubts, and old memories of stressful situations. I would highly recommend taking Hilde's courses."                                              -- Jason Claiborne, Author
                                                                 How to Speak Womanese


Hilde Gross is an exceptional communicator, facilitator and coach.  I got so much out of her seminar and private coaching sessions. She truly tailors the information to each participant and makes sure that it is meaningful for you personally.
Hilde facilitated a natural ease, safety and sense of fun within our group.  I would highly recommend Hilde's seminars for anyone interested in tools that work very effectively and fast at dissolving fears, insecurities and barriers to living fully in the momen
                                                             -- Susan Ardigo, RN, PhD intern

Testimonials (Tom Stone, Author of "The Power of How")
"Tom Stone has done something quite unique. He has distilled out of his vast experience the simplest and most useful tools for creating profound and lasting change in our lives. I am truly grateful to Tom for his help in my own life and I am delighted that he is sharing his insights and techniques to help others on a large scale. I know his desire is very similar to mine - to have a positive impact on the lives of many, many people. I know that through his pioneering work in Human Software Engineering he will accomplish this goal in a profound and powerful way."
                                                                         -- Jack Canfield, Co-author,
                                                                        "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series

“The Pure Awareness Techniques that Tom Stone shares in his book have had a profound effect on my life. I became involved in the field of energy psychology early on and I believe that these methods can be used by every therapist, counselor, addiction specialist, life coach, and anyone who is interested in improving their life. I think you will be amazed and delighted at how rapid and simple these transformational tools are to practice.”

                                                  -- Goerge J. Pratt, Ph.D. Chairmann Psychology,

                                                      Scripps Memorial Hospital, La Jolla
                                                      Co-author,  "Instant Emotional Healing:
                                                      Accupressure for Emotions" 


A Message from Hilde
“During the summer of 2011 I went through the most extraordinary and life changing experience I have ever had. For the first time in my life I felt completely peaceful and "at home". The best part is, that my feeling of well-being has been persistent and not temporary like I experienced after going through many therapy sessions, or attending a personal development seminar.”

This powerful experience has led me to study The Core Dynamics of Human Conditionings at Great Life Technologies (GLT). I am now a certified Core Dynamics Master Coach (CDMC) and help others to have the same or other profound life changing experiences.


The The Core Dynamics of Human Conditionings
For some people these conditionings may cause procrastination, anger, depression, or even addictive behaviors. And for many others they cause anxiety or other emotional problems.
Think about this for a moment: scroll through your daily life and stop to think about your problems. If you’re like most people you probably have a handful of problems that keep coming up, over and over. Maybe it’s having the nerve to speak your mind to superiors at work, or to your spouse. Maybe it’s eating certain foods you know aren’t good for you. Maybe it’s something as simple as being lazy about flossing!
If you think about it, you will realize that in each case, what’s happening is that you’re are making a request – “Could you please talk to your boss about how ridiculously low your salary is?” –   but you are getting either no response (“Sorry, didn’t hear you, I think I’ll go get a cup of coffee and then go back to my desk”), or you are getting the wrong response entirely (you go to your boss, but when you open your mouth, what comes out is something like “I love your new suit! Oh, and by the way, I am really enjoying that new project. Okay, see you later!”  And you walk directly back to your desk. You know what you want to do, but you cannot seem to accomplish it. These are some of our conditionings affecting our responses and actions.

THE ACE STUDY The Adverse Childhood Experience Study is a massive scientific study done at Kaiser Permanente in San Diego, California with over 17,000 Kaiser members. The study correlates the number of categories of childhood traumas to the occurrence of adult behavioral and physical health problems. This study quantifies what many of us intuitively know, that unresolved emotional traumas are the basis of a great many health problems.

Tom Stone, founder and CEO of Great Life Technologies (GLT), is highly innovative and has been pioneering the emerging field of Human Software Engineering (HSE) since 1993. He has spent his career finding and developing the unique techniques and technologies of HSE that are at the Heart of GLT’s business providing new unprecedented breakthroughs in the areas of physical and mental health, powerfully impacting personal and organizational productivity. He has built a successful international book, seminar and coaching company based on these unique techniques. As an author, he has written and published:“Vaporize Your Anxiety without drugs or therapy”
“The Power of How”
“Be Smoke Free Now”
“Pure Awareness”

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