• In-Home Coaching and/or my Office
   One-on-One consulting & RCB In-Home Courses

- $120/single session  (1 hour at my office)
                   - $195/double session (2 hours at my office)

                   - $150/single session  (1 hour per home visit)
                   - $220/double session (2 hours per home visit)
                      (Sponsorship available)

• Counseling Over The Phone/Skype
COST: $  95 (1 hour per session)

                 $170 (2 hours per session)
                 $  65 (1/2 hour per session)
• Couples Communication s)
   COST: see in-home or counseling over the phone fees
               Service Also Provided In Your Home!

RCB Home Video Course DVD
   COST: ONLY $ 69.95 DVD (incl. Textbook & Workbook) 
                                  regular DVD
price: $99.95



FREE  Introductory Parenting Workshops

5-Week Evening & Weekend Parenting Seminars
                 COURT APPROVED! Free Certificate!            
   COST: $250 pp / $350 per couple + $36 (textbook & workbook)
                  MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!
      Accept Credit Cards, Payment Plans & Sponsorships Available!

               Service Also Provided In Your Home!

"Successful Children" RCB for Kids (ages 6–10)
   COST: $195 (4-week course, incl. supplies)
               Service Also Provided In Your Home!

RCC (Redirecting for a Cooperative Classroom)
   Workshop Presentations at Schools, Organizations, Parent    Conferences, etc.

"Lunch & Learn" Seminars
   (see testimonials SDG&E and others)

"Resolve Your Personal Stress & Anxiety"
   One-On-One, Telephone Coaching, Seminars and more

   Service Also Provided In Your Home!

Resolve Your ADD/ADHD in only one session! s)

  Service Also Provided In Your Home!


Tel: 619-379-7646

"A hundred years from now it will not matter what my bank account
was, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world
may be a little different because I was important in the life of a child."